You found out that your friend was captured and is sentenced to be hung today!

You must figure out a way to rescue him.... but you are also a wanted man who has been down on his luck. You have no weapon or money. 

Good luck!


The delete key will end the current day. Useful if you get stuck.



  • Teri is the only person who I had time to implement branching conversation
  • You will unlock new dialogue with her based on knowledge that passes between the days
  • Make sure you talk to her again if you can complete her challenge
  • Failing the challenge requires making the day pass to retry, sorry!
  • There’s an alternative option to completing the challenge.
  • Reading the notes (after talking to Morris) will give you another name to choose


Made for LDJAM 47 - Stuck in a loop

My first time doing a jam using a bunch of stuff from the asset store. Had a ton of assets piled up from humble bundles and decided it would be good to get to know some of them. Was a lot of fun! It was nice to not spend half of the jam modeling a character. 

I ran into a lot of issues learning some experimental / unfinished features in the packages and bugs with Unity 2020.1- However, I am happy with how much I managed to get done anyways even if it's a lot less polished than I would have liked. I do wish I had more time to fill in the planned content and add in some menus / options / title screens / cutscenes.  But hey, I went for an overscoped idea and managed to get my core idea done.  

Assets used during the Jam


Download 84 MB


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turn the look speed down or have a option button i cant even play i will play if you do one of those things