Alternate left and right (or A / D) to increase movement speed. 

Press space, up, or W to jump.

Let me know your high scores! I'm curious how far people can get past 2,000 distance with a legit run. If you are having issues passing 1000 distance, then there is a mechanic you still need to figure out.

Made in the span of 72 hours for Ludum Dare

Please make sure hardware acceleration is on. May have performance issues while loading sounds for the first time. Subsequent playthroughs should be better. Only tested on Chrome.

I've uploaded a windows version. Colors don't quite match up due to some differences of web export that was targeted though. Hopefully those having performance issues with WebGL version can run it natively though. 


Download 141 MB


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Cara !!!! isso é perfeito, só quero escutar essa musica de Game Over

a masterpiece