3D Action Platformer with a boss fight and upgrades!

Your soul count will drain by 1% every couple of seconds when in an alternate dimension and you will be kicked out when your soul count reaches 0! There is an upgrade that removes this.


  • Movement: WASD or Joystick
  • Jump: Space or A button
  • Attack: Left click, Ctrl or X button
  • Dash: Right click, Shift or B button
  • Interact: E or Y button

Everything in the game was created in 72 hours for Ludum Dare 44!

Bug fix update:  skinned meshes were not ticked read/write and broke effects that worked in editor

Linux and Mac versions are untested!

Developed and tested at 1920x1080- I tried to test out UI in difference scales, but no promises that it will all work!


GrimAdventuresWin64.zip 51 MB
GrimAdventuresMac.app.zip 69 MB
GrimAdventuresLinux64.zip 55 MB

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