A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

You are tasked with collecting fuel for your ship. Any item can be ground up in the grinder for fuel.

It might be a good idea to take the sword and equip it.

Press TAB to open inventory.

WASD moves, left and right click use your hands.

E to interact with objects.

Like usual, so many planned features I didn’t get to, but I am happy with what I did in the time I had!

Like usual, so many planned features I didn't get to, but I am happy with what I did in the time I had!

Procedurally generated maps took my first night. (Also pains with lighting and having to switch render pipelines)

Enemies and combat and start of inventory and then combining meshes for the terrain took second day.

Final stretch I managed to finish inventory / equipment and items spawning in containers as well as big slime variation.

Things I didn't find time for but had planned 

  • Dying
  • End Game
  • Deep lore as you progress
  • Menus with look sensitivity
  • Sound / Music
  • Random stats on gear that increases as you go deeper
  • More enemies as you go deeper
  • Ores to gather from mining nodes
    • Mimic ores that turn into earth elementals when hit
  • Different weapon types
  • Usable objects for hotbar (spell scrolls / potions / food etc)

I highly recommend you play the post jam version as it's just some minor QoL since I know not everyone will have the same mouse preferences I do.

Post Jam Version Updates

  • Press Escape for a menu with look sensitivity sliders and an exit button
  • Inventory Menu now pauses the game (and new options menu)
  • Mac and Linux builds uploaded (untested)


DigDeeper - Post Jam.zip 20 MB
DigDeeper.zip 20 MB
DigDeeperSource.zip 21 MB
DigDeeper - Linux - Post Jam 38 MB
DigDeeper - Mac - Post Jam 31 MB

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