You've just got your first pair of wizard dice. 

It's time to find out what you are made of!

Made in 50 hours for GMTK Jam by "My Team Failed Their Con Saves"

Other than particle textures which are from Kenney - all assets for the game were made during the Jam by Ursagames, SpooderDooder, TinyViking and OtterFaeLure.


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Interesting concept! I feel like the roll could be a bit more satisfying (there’s not much to look at so it doesn’t engage the player as much).

I like how I was already starting to calculate expected outcomes, after some rolls. Felt smart.

The game is nice and snappy and its nice that the enemy looks at the dice. However, the game loop is a bit boring and you have to fight too many enemies to get the augmentations in order to beat the boss. It either needs a faster game loop or more interesting features.

the dice sfx are really snappy. I like that the opponent looks at the dice n stuff. solid game. Got to the boss and couldn't beat him. I would add a skill tree so I could see what options there were for building stats.
music is good but it get's old after a while, as any song would. If there were a bigger soundtrack I'd aim for a variety of vibes within that genre. excellent choice on the music, though! idk if you got it from a site or if you had a composer... but it's givin' me Dark Cloud vibes. matches the wizard aesthetic. good call.