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Sometimes in life, it feels like there's no point to anything and we lose our motivation to continue moving forward. It helps to join together with other people who can give us that push we need to keep going, though sometimes, you'll also have to learn to let those people go. 

In our game, you'll be tasked with joining up with and leading the scattered disenfranchised through multiple stages filled with perilous obstacles and maybe even a puzzle or two (puzzles not guaranteed). Not everyone you meet will be able to follow you the whole way, and that's all right. They didn't want to leave.


Keyboard Controls:

Use WASD to move, mouse for camera
Space to jump
Ctrl or C to crouch
Right click or R will drop the first person in line
Left click or F will drop the last person in line
Esc to open pause menu

Controller Controls:

Use left thumbstick to move, right thumbstick for camera
A to jump
B to crouch
Left Trigger will drop the first person in line
Right Trigger will drop the last person in line 
Start button to open pause menu

Accidentally left in debug control:

E to ragdoll the first follower

Everything in game was made in 48 hours for
Game Maker's Toolkit Game Jam 2021 by


Windows Build 135 MB

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