A downloadable game for Windows

You awake on a deserted island beach and must survive for 5 days before you can be rescued!

Game Controls

  • WASD or Arrow keys to move
  • Tab or left ctrl to open action menu
  • E or left alt to search
  • Hold space to climb

Menu Controls (sorry no mouse support)

  • WASD or Arrows to change selection
  • Space or E to continue / confirm
  • Q or Esc to cancel menu

Controller (360 tested)

  • Joystick for movement / menu selection
  • Y for menu
  • Hold A to climb
  • X to search
  • B to cancel menu selections

The yellow bar is your stamina and the green bar is your hunger. If you are too hungry your stamina will not regenerate.

To feed the bird: when you are close to it, go to the action menu then select an item in your inventory and you will get a new option.

If you do not keep the baby bird fed, the parent will hear its call for food and will then attack intruders on its island.

Missing mechanic: Since I ran out of time for audio, there was supposed to be an audio cue to let you know how hungry the baby bird was, and also to let you know that the parent bird would be summoned to protect the baby.

WARNING: There are no out of bounds invisible walls, so don't try to walk off the edge of the map. I was going to add them, but didn't get around to it before the deadline hit


The original idea was to keep the baby bird alive, but I didn’t want to animate it dying. Hence we got the parent bird protecting the island mechanic

Most of my time was spent getting the procedural generation and UI systems in place. I also probably spent too much time with 3D modeling and animating.

There was some stuttering with the movement that I couldn’t seem to fix, but it wasn’t consistent.

Sorry for the lacking gameplay, but I’m happy that I got the core mechanics in the time of the compo!


BirbIsland.zip 23 MB
BirbIslandSource.zip 86 MB

Install instructions

Unzip folder and run executable. 

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